Drama. Hurt Feelings. 
Misunderstandings. Betrayal.
Are your relationships complicated?

You crave intimacy 
but seem to only attract drama...

The same patterns show up
again and again...

You don't feel like you 'belong'
and often feel taken advantage of...

You want things to change
but don't even know where to start...
It’s time to fix your relationship story!
Identify and release the subconscious blocks that are causing painful patterns in your relationships 
through 3 powerful healing activations

Did you know…
Unknown trauma, unspoken pain, and false beliefs all contribute to a subconscious grid that you see the world through…

These subconscious beliefs cause you to act and attract in unhealthy ways…

Despite your best efforts… you can’t fix subconscious beliefs through conscious reasoning or effort…

These patterns can only be fixed through accessing the foundational false belief directly through the subconscious…
Powerful Healing Activations
 My Relationship Program 
allows direct healing of false beliefs through 
3 powerful visualization sessions.
  • This process quickly identifies and clears low vibrational frequencies that contribute to negative relationship outcomes.
  • In only 3 sessions we can work to release all your biggest blocks that are contributing to your recurring negative relationship patterns.
  • I speak directly to the subconscious and release all the most strongly held false beliefs about yourself and others that are holding you back from receiving the love and belonging that you deserve.
Create More Intimacy
My Relationship Program is uniquely tailored to uncover both personal AND inherited beliefs that are leading to unhealthy relationships patterns.

Inherited beliefs are beliefs that have been passed down to you from your parents and grandparents. 

These beliefs have probably been in your family for generations and no longer serve your best interest. 
 If these ancestral blocks are not cleared, you are trying to build a new relationship story on top of an incompatible foundation.

Create Deeper Connections
For only $297 you can have immediate access to the full program to begin the healing of your relationships.
Enroll now for $297 and gain instant access to 3 sets of Healing Activations, Affirmations and Action worksheets to help you release energy blocks around dysfunction in your relationships.

1. Release Inherited Patterns that Complicate Relationships
2. Replace Unhealthy Beliefs that Sabotage Relationship Chemistry
3. Reaffirm Divine Truths to Attract Loving Relationships
Here is what some of the current Relationship Program Clients are saying:
Better Relationships and Loving Partner!
I have cleared all my trauma in my relationship with my parents. I have a better relationship with them than I’ve ever had. And I’ve also attracted a loving partner who allows me to be me. And I have health, and I feel amazing. I feel better than I felt in my 20s, and I just turned 40. Lisa is a rare gift. I’ve been in the healing and meditation and yoga and personal development world for over 20 years and I've never met anyone who has as much power and sincerely, and compassion and without ANY judgment. She has NO judgment. 

Samatha A.

Experiences Life Like Never Before
Lisa is amazingly gifted, and she knows how to use her gifts to help people to go the next level and experience life like they never knew possible. Her meditation activations release subconscious blockages that are keeping you from reaching your full potential. Please allow her to work with you and you will be forever grateful, as I have been!

Dr. Linda Law Potts - Healing Waters Wellness 

More Money & Love!
I started working with Lisa in order to recover from my painful divorce where my husband had cheated on me and had an affair with my bridesmaid. So I lost A LOT of trust in other people. I was attracting the wrong men, and I was also attracting the wrong friends.The worst part was that I no longer trusted myself. I was afraid of making wrong decisions. So I was in many ways PARALYZED. When working with Lisa, I was able to get to the root of “WHY”  and it turned out that it was a pattern that I was creating. So, today, I am actually earning more money than I’ve ever made before. I also have love from a man that is my equal partner and friendships that are from positive minded people. Lisa eliminated the old pattern of attracting the wrong people. And, now, my entire life has much more harmony, happiness, abundance.

Andrea Albright

When you participate in my Relationship Program you will…
  • ​Attract love and people that serve your highest good…
  • Raise your expectations and clearly voice your needs…
  • ​Find peace and mutual understanding in your current relationships
  • ​Release long-held fears and resentment…
  • ​Break down the walls that exist in your present intimate relationships
  • ​Eliminate the disconnect and open the door to true love and true intimacy…
  • ​Fill the void that has been there way too long…
My goal is that your relationship story changes from one of disconnect and heartache to one of deep connection, intimacy, mutual love and understanding.
I feel so strongly about helping you move into your purpose that I am offering this 
for ONLY $297
Just play her audio when you’re on the treadmill, the airplane, walking, sleeping or whenever you get the chance to have her in your ears, because she’s clearing things on the subconscious level. And the more you get access to her, the deeper it goes. So I definitely recommend her pre-recorded training to just play over and over again, so that it goes deeper and deeper every time you play it.

Tiffany Chhibber

Lisa is the type of person with whom you feel immediately comfortable. She has the ability to identify what is blocking your free flow of energy then guide you how to release the block. If you feel stuck, then Lisa is your solution, listen to her Healing Meditations.

Collin Porterfield

The three in-depth Healing Activations work on the subconscious level to break the power of false beliefs and learned behaviors that are contributing to dysfunctional relationship patterns currently manifesting in your life.
It’s an amazing experience of relaxing and listening as I guide you through a series of steps to acknowledge and release these stuck emotions. You simply listen and respond.
1 - Release Inherited Patterns that Complicate Relationships
In the same way we inherit the color of our eyes, we inherit fears, toxic behaviors and unconscious reactions. When there are generations of layered dysfunction steering our actions, they can be difficult to overcome at the conscious level. This activation works to address the energy blocks at the root of these problems, exposing false beliefs and replacing them with divine truth.
2 - Relationship Chemistry
Relationship Chemistry is an energy exchange. It is about setting healthy energetic boundaries and having emotionally available relationships. If you struggle with setting healthy boundaries or carry an air of desperation or “neediness” this can block your divine right to healthy love and belonging. This feeds the underlying fear of being alone, reinforcing the dysfunctional patterns. This activation uncovers the fears fueling these behaviors and brings peace to chaos.
3 - Attracting Relationships in Love and Life Healing Activation
It can sometimes seem like lifelong fulfilling and intimate relationships are reserved for only a lucky few. This is a FALSE belief. Despite what your past experiences have told you, relationships do not need to be complicated. This activation will help you to attract relationships that bring fulfillment, joy, success, love, and balance in your life. 
  • ​  MP3 downloads of Healing Activations 
  • ​  PDF downloads of the Affirmations
  • ​  Relationship Program Action Worksheets
  • ​  Detailed instructions to help you accelerate the healing process
Simply listen to each activation twice, with 48 hours between each listen…then, watch the results unfold! 
I am sharing this with you for ONLY $297. 
How quickly can I expect to see results?
The body continues to be in “releasing mode” for up to 48 hours after the healing takes place - so many people tend to see the changes after a few days. However, sometimes the shifts are noticeable right away.
How do I know when my energy has shifted?
Most often, people report feeling like a “weight” has been lifted, but it shows up in many different ways, such as ideas, realizations, breakthroughs, success in a business deal, sudden changes in old patterns, synchronicities (from finding a penny to meeting a new client), and more.
Do I have to be awake for the healing to take place?
For the best results, you should stay awake during Parts One and Two. 
During Part Three, you can fall asleep and still see all the benefits of the healing.
Can I listen while driving?
It is not recommended to listen to these activations while operating a vehicle, heavy machinery, or anything that will distract you. 
Lisa Thomas, is a renowned Global Epigenetics Master and the creator of the transformative Soul Awakening Method™ and Inner Empowerment Matrix™. With a focus on unlocking untapped potential, igniting radical growth, and activating global impact, Lisa has dedicated her career to guiding high-achieving individuals beyond the confines of conventional success to achieve profound personal and professional breakthroughs.

As an international mentor and keynote speaker, Lisa’s insights into Epigenetics have revolutionized the approach to personal development and leadership. Her unique methods involve delving deep into inherited emotional DNA, enabling clients—from global business leaders to celebrities and emerging entrepreneurs—to overcome inherited limitations and realign their lives with their true purposes.

Author of the enlightening book "Mistakes Into Money," Lisa’s influence is recognized globally in the media: She has been featured in USA Today and on Good Morning LaLa Land, amongst others, as well as many podcasts and stages around the world.
Guarantee: This is backed by my 100% satisfaction guarantee. I want you to be happy with my Relationship Program. And if you're not, no problem. If after the first healing activation, within 30 days of your purchase date, you feel it's not for you, email me and I will issue you a full refund. No questions asked.

I am so confident that you will find value in this program, I am happy to allow you to evaluate i
Take hold of the love and intimacy that has been waiting to flood your life.
Put away your old, tired, default relationship story and replace it with joy, optimism and deep connection that remained previously out of reach for you…

Remember it is your divine right to be loved and to belong...
(C) 2023 Lisa Thomas, All Rights Reserved