It's time.
It’s been long enough.
You have been living with this burden for too many years and it’s time to finally let it go. 

It’s time to unshackle yourself from the pain of the past and move forward into the freedom and joy that is yours by divine right…

Did you know…
 …that your inability to forgive or let go is blocking your ability to receive your heart’s desires and experience true abundance and blessings?

…that the energy surrounding unforgiveness and holding onto the past is steeped in stagnancy and anger?

…that this stuck energy is like a brick that weighs you down and affects every part of your life?

Have you experienced
any of the following…?
  • Experience fatigue and exhaustion on a daily basis.
  • Have arguments in your head with people from the past who have betrayed you.  
  • Have chronic health issues or excess weight despite your healthy eating.  
  • Often experience a feeling of isolation or loneliness…like something has been stolen from you. 
  • There is a pattern of drama or chaos in your close relationships or the inability to form close bonds. 
  • You are unable to manifest your desired life despite your best efforts. 
The truth is… unforgiveness of yourself, your family or others will keep you locked in a cycle of feeling misunderstood and disempowered.
...“holding onto the past” will prevent bad things from ever happening again…

IT DOES STOP… from experiencing more love, harmony and financial success in your life.

Forgiveness really doesn’t have anything to do with the other person and it does have everything to do with you!
Until you are able to release people who have caused you pain, people who still trigger anger and resentment at the thought of them, abundance simply cannot take root.

If your goal is an abundant joy- filled life…
then your path must be forgiveness
I know this can seem overwhelming or even impossible, but I promise you the outcome is completely life changing…
We will walk through this process together...

We will uncover the root causes of your inability to forgive and softly speak truth to your pain...

“One of the most courageous decisions you'll ever make is to finally let go of what is hurting your heart.”

I see too many people stuck in conscious and unconscious cycles of unforgiveness, and they are completely unaware how this is sabotaging all their efforts to manifest a better future.
This is why I created my 
Freedom Through Forgiveness Program
With three in-depth visualizations and healing activations, we will identify and clear all the stuck pain, bitterness and lack of acceptance that is currently holding you back.
You will release all your biggest blocks of unforgiveness, whether you are conscious of them or not.

In addition…did you know you may actually be holding a pattern of unforgiveness for something that was experienced by your ancestors
Yes…if one of your direct ancestors were oppressed or abused by a person or group of people, you may have inherited that energy signature through your DNA and continue to carry it with you.

That is why this program is uniquely tailored to uncover both personal AND inherited patterns of unforgiveness.

The reason other meditations often don’t work is that they only scratch the surface of the issue...
and here’s why:
While they may help you address your own issues with unforgiveness, other meditations or visualizations don’t solve any deeply entrenched ancestral blocks.

These inherited blocks have been in your genetic code for so long, they’re the ones that have the strongest hold on you.

They are also the ones you are the least aware of…
If these ancestral blocks are not first cleared, you are trying to build a new story on top of an incompatible foundation.

All your work to forgive yourself, your family and others won’t stick because foundational beliefs that are deeply rooted in generational pain are still calling the shots.

I speak directly to your subconscious and release all the most strongly held energies around unforgiveness that are holding you back.
And this sets you free to experience
more abundance in your life.
Don’t let the past own you.

This is your time to experience life abundantly.
Enroll now for $297
and gain instant access to:
3 sets of Healing Activations, Affirmations and Action Worksheets 
to help you learn how to release 
energy blocks around forgiveness of family, 
close relationships 
and most importantly yourself.

  • ​Forgiveness of Family 
  • ​Forgiveness of Friends And Partners
  • ​Forgiveness of Yourself
"Working with Lisa is transformational. She is truly gifted!"

Homa Sajadian Sikon Acupuncture by Homa, Inc.
"I noticed results right away because it’s powerful work. I immediately felt things shifting and knew that I was releasing old stuff that has been around for a long time that was definitely not serving me. I have a more heightened sense of well-being and overall peace."

Sarah Glicken 
Osteostrong Business Owner
"Not only did clients and higher-end opportunities started falling into my lap - I finally felt confident enough to take them on”

Ariana Dokhanchy 
Writer and Entrepreneur
My goal is that you experience the incredible joy and freedom that comes from true forgiveness. 
I want you to come to a point where you fully understand that forgiveness has nothing to do with the other person but has everything to do with you opening up your life to wonderful opportunities.

I feel so strongly about helping you move into this place of freedom that I am offering very limited enrollment spaces for only $297.
"Just play her audio when you’re on the treadmill, the airplane, walking, sleeping or whenever you get the chance to have her in your ears, because she’s clearing things on the subconscious level. And the more you get access to her, the deeper it goes. So I definitely recommend her pre-recorded trainings to just play over and over again, so that it goes deeper and deeper every time you play it." 

Andrea Albright
CEO Beverly Hills Publishing
"Lisa is amazingly gifted and she knows how to use her gifts to help people heal and experience life like never before. She releases blockages that are keeping you from reaching your full potential." 

Dr. Linda Law Potts
Healing Waters Wellness Center

 Each of the three in-depth Healing Activations, work towards breaking the power of different targets of unforgiveness and the negative results that are currently manifesting in your life.

It’s an amazing experience of relaxing and listening as I guide you through a series of steps to acknowledge and release these stuck emotions. You simply listen and respond.
1 - Forgiveness of Family 
The act of forgiving family can be confusing because the dysfunction causes most family members to be in the role of both pain-causer and pain-receiver. Often the pain-causers are also the caregivers which creates both bonds of love and security as well as bonds of dysfunction, pain and hatred. True forgiveness can only occur when the pain-filled bonds are released.
2 - Forgiveness of Friends & Partners 
When we have been betrayed by a partner we believe we are never safe to trust or love again. Often times with friends and others, we work to forgive the big offenses because we know that it’s important, but we neglect to forgive the small slights, the annoying gossip, or the inconsiderations. These carry the same low energy as bigger offences and need to be addressed to make room for love to return, joy to increase and lasting peace to occur. When this happens, abundance in all areas of life also happen. 
3 - Forgiveness of Yourself 

Forgiveness of ourselves is often overlooked or forgotten. This can be a difficult thing to do as it requires you to first honestly acknowledge your own failures and toxic behavior towards others and yourself but then offer yourself grace and the understanding that if you could have done better you would have done better.
  • MP3 downloads of Healing Activations for replay
  • PDF downloads of the Affirmations
  • Fear into Action Program Worksheets
  • Detailed instructions to help you accelerate the healing process
All you have to do is listen to each activation twice, with 48 hours between each listen…then, watch the results unfold!
How quickly can I expect to see results?
The body continues to be in “releasing mode” for up to 48 hours after the healing takes place - so many people tend to see the changes after a few days. However, sometimes the shifts are noticeable right away.
How do I know when my energy has shifted?
Most often, people report feeling like a “weight” has been lifted, but it shows up in many different ways, such as ideas, realizations, breakthroughs, success in a business deal, sudden changes in old patterns, synchronicities (from finding a penny to meeting a new client), and more.
Do I have to be awake for the healing to take place?
For the best results, you should stay awake during Parts One and Two. 

During Part Three, you can fall asleep and still see all the benefits of the healing.
Can I listen while driving?
It is not recommended to listen to these activations while operating a vehicle, heavy machinery, or anything that will distract you. 
Lisa Thomas, is a renowned Global Epigenetics Master and the creator of the transformative Soul Awakening Method™ and Inner Empowerment Matrix™. With a focus on unlocking untapped potential, igniting radical growth, and activating global impact, Lisa has dedicated her career to guiding high-achieving individuals beyond the confines of conventional success to achieve profound personal and professional breakthroughs.

As an international mentor and keynote speaker, Lisa’s insights into Epigenetics have revolutionized the approach to personal development and leadership. Her unique methods involve delving deep into inherited emotional DNA, enabling clients—from global business leaders to celebrities and emerging entrepreneurs—to overcome inherited limitations and realign their lives with their true purposes.

Author of the enlightening book "Mistakes Into Money," Lisa’s influence is recognized globally in the media: She has been featured in USA Today and on Good Morning LaLa Land, amongst others, as well as many podcasts and stages around the world.
Guarantee: This is backed by my 100% satisfaction guarantee. I want you to be happy with my Freedom Through Forgiveness Program. And if you're not, no problem. 

If after the first healing activation, within 30 days of your purchase date, you feel it's not for you, email me and I will issue you a full refund. No questions asked.

I am so confident that you will find value in this program, I am happy to allow you to evaluate it.
It's time to neutralize the damaging power that unforgiveness holds on your life and happiness.
It’s time to reclaim the joy and vitality that is waiting to flood your life.

It’s time to release the heavy weight that the energy of unforgiveness places on your spirit so that you can effortlessly jump into a life of abundance.

This is your divine right ....believe and receive!
(C) 2023 Lisa Thomas, All Rights Reserved