Have you pressed "Pause" on your life's purpose?
Are you trapped in the same old repetitive routines, relationships and self-sabotaging results?
What's preventing you being who you are supposed to be; 

from doing the things you know you are here to do?

So what’s the problem?
Well, I can show you how to shake off everything that has been stopping you from fulfilling your life’s purpose!
Did you know…
…that many of your fears and limiting beliefs are not your own?

…many of your fears have actually been passed down in your genetic code, over multiple generations!

There are specific economic, cultural and gender groups that have experienced a history of systematic oppression, poverty and abuse. 

Or maybe you or your ancestors have been affected by individual experiences or trauma. 

Have you experienced
any of the following…
  • ...a strange phobia or fear that you’ve always had and don’t know where it came from or why you have it?
  • …being fearful of certain people and situations (especially those who hold the power)
  • …a feeling that it is safer to live “invisible” and not draw too much attention to yourself.
  • …a feeling that it is better to be agreeable and just go along with things
The truth is that even if you did not personally experience a trauma, rejection, bad reviews, abuse or oppression…you may still have the fear signature stuck in your energy which is leading to your inaction.
Here’s the good news: Together we can fix this 
But you can’t fix what has not been acknowledged or recognized - You don’t know what you don’t know.

Until these unknown, unconscious and inherited fears are identified and cleared, life will continue to be a stressful, uphill battle, rather than a free-flowing journey of joy and abundance as you step into your purpose.

This is precisely why I created my Fear into Action Program
With three in-depth visualizations and meditation activations, we will identify and clear the fears that are currently holding you back.
You will release all your biggest blocks, whether you’re 
conscious of them or not.
This program is uniquely tailored to uncover both personal AND inherited energy patterns.
If you’ve tried meditations or visualizations that didn’t “stick,” I understand you might be a little uncertain.

But the reason other meditations often don’t work is that they only scratch the surface of the issue...and here’s why:
While they may help you address your own blocks, other meditations or visualizations don’t solve the deeply entrenched ancestral blocks. These inherited blocks have been in your genetic code for so long...they’re the ones that have the strongest hold on you.
If they are not first cleared, you are trying to build a new story on top of an incompatible foundation. The new stories you are telling yourself won’t stick because your foundational beliefs are still calling the shots.
I speak directly to the subconscious and release all the most strongly held fears around success that are holding you back.
And this creates permanent results
Get all the tools you need right now to release everything that is holding you back from doing and becoming what you are here to do and become. 

For that reason, I am offering you this course for ONLY $297* I am gifting  because I know you are ready to press delete on your fears once and for all
and step into your purpose!
Enroll now for $297 and gain instant access to 3 sets of Healing Activations, Affirmations and Action worksheets to help you Transform Fear into Action, Confidence and Success:

1. Letting go of Inherited Fear of Vulnerability, Judgement and Criticism
2. Releasing the Fear of Being Seen, Known and Heard
3. Increasing Confidence and Embracing Authenticity
Here is what some of the current Fear Transformation Program Clients are saying:
“Working with Lisa is transformational. She is truly gifted!”

Homa Sajadian Sikon Acupuncture by Homa, Inc.

“I noticed results right away because it’s powerful work. I immediately felt things shifting and knew that I was releasing old stuff that had been around for a long time that was definitely not serving me. I have a more heightened sense of well-being and overall peace."

Sarah Glicken
Osteostrong Business Owner
“Not only did clients and higher-end opportunities started falling into my lap but I finally felt confident enough to take them on.” 

Ariana Dokhanchy
Writer and Entrepreneur
When you enroll in my
Fear into Action Program you will…
  • ​Release your unconscious blocks, both learned behaviors and inherited
  • ​Awaken your confidence to who you really are or want to become
  • ​Rewrite your beliefs around what you are here to do
  • ​Experience life opening to you in amazing new ways
  • ​Have newfound courage to shine your light, trust in who you are and trust that you are safe to be seen.
  • ​Be able to finally let go of inherited fears of judgement, criticism and vulnerability.
My goal is that you become free from all sources of fear which are telling you fierce lies about yourself… and move forward with confidence and joy into the purposes that are fully aligned with your truth.  
I feel so strongly about helping you move into your purpose that I am offering you this course for ONLY $297
"Just play her audio when you’re on the treadmill, the airplane, walking, sleeping or whenever you get the chance to have her in your ears, because she’s clearing things on the subconscious level. And the more you get access to her, the deeper it goes. So I definitely recommend her pre-recorded training to just play over and over again, so that it goes deeper and deeper every time you play it." 

Andrea Albright
CEO Beverly Hills Publishing

"Lisa is amazingly gifted and she knows how to use her gifts to help people heal and experience life like never before. She releases blockages that are keeping you from reaching your full potential." 

Dr. Linda Law Potts
Healing Waters Wellness Center

 Each of the three in-depth Healing Activations work towards breaking different categories of fear and the way they manifest in your life.

It’s an amazing experience of relaxing and listening as I guide you through a series of steps to acknowledge and release these stuck emotions. You simply listen and reap the benefits.
1 - Letting go of Inherited Fear of Vulnerability, Judgement and Criticism
Fears manifest in people through their fear of being themselves, owning their truth and the result is that they feel insecure about their relationships with others. They are often people pleasers who won't step ‘out of line’ even if it is compromising their own truth. If this describes you, I will help you to recognize your value and ground you in a foundation of safety and security.
2 - Releasing the Fear of Being Seen, Known and Heard
These fears are usually lurking in the background of those who have issues with public speaking or being in positions of leadership and expertise. If this is you, I will help you find your voice and your ability to lead and teach with conviction. You will begin to build on a foundation of courage and strength.
3 - Increasing Confidence and Embracing Authenticity

Everybody has had incidents in their life that have led to lack of confidence. The problem is when we let those isolated incidents define us and determine our future course of action. I will help you identify the fierce lies from the past that said you are not enough and replace those beliefs with the knowledge of your infinite value.  
  • ​  MP3 downloads of Healing Activations for replay
  • ​  PDF downloads of the Affirmations
  • ​  Fear into Action Program Worksheets
  • ​  Detailed instructions to help you accelerate the healing process
All you have to do is listen to each activation twice, with 48 hours between each listen…then, watch the results unfold!
How quickly can I expect to see results?
The body continues to be in “releasing mode” for up to 48 hours after the healing takes place - so many people tend to see the changes after a few days. However, sometimes the shifts are noticeable right away.
How do I know when my energy has shifted?
Most often, people report feeling like a “weight” has been lifted, but it shows up in many different ways, such as ideas, realizations, breakthroughs, success in a business deal, sudden changes in old patterns, synchronicities (from finding a penny to meeting a new client), and more.
Do I have to be awake for the healing to take place?
For the best results, you should stay awake during Parts One and Two. 
During Part Three, you can fall asleep and still see all the benefits of the healing.
Can I listen while driving?
It is not recommended to listen to these meditations while operating a vehicle, heavy machinery, or anything that will distract you. 
Lisa Thomas, is a renowned Global Epigenetics Master and the creator of the transformative Soul Awakening Method™ and Inner Empowerment Matrix™. With a focus on unlocking untapped potential, igniting radical growth, and activating global impact, Lisa has dedicated her career to guiding high-achieving individuals beyond the confines of conventional success to achieve profound personal and professional breakthroughs.

As an international mentor and keynote speaker, Lisa’s insights into Epigenetics have revolutionized the approach to personal development and leadership. Her unique methods involve delving deep into inherited emotional DNA, enabling clients—from global business leaders to celebrities and emerging entrepreneurs—to overcome inherited limitations and realign their lives with their true purposes.

Author of the enlightening book "Mistakes Into Money," Lisa’s influence is recognized globally in the media: She has been featured in USA Today and on Good Morning LaLa Land, amongst others, as well as many podcasts and stages around the world.
Guarantee: This is backed by my 100% satisfaction guarantee. I want you to be happy with my Fear Into Action Program. And if you're not, no problem. 

If after the first healing activation, within 30 days of your purchase date, you feel it's not for you, email me and I will issue you a full refund. No questions asked.

I am so confident that you will find value in this program, I am happy to allow you to evaluate it.
It’s time to press start on your future by saying ‘no more’ to the fierce lies that fears have allowed you to believe.
Dismantle the false foundation of fear and rebuild on a solid foundation of truth…then move forward with confidence, joy and abundance into your purposeful life that has been on pause for too long.

This is your divine right 
Believe and receive
(C) 2023 Lisa Thomas, All Rights Reserved