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 C.L.E.A.R. DNA is designed to support 
the expansion of emotionally intelligent, aware, 
and transformational individuals.

Imagine a life where you: 

C - Confidently Express Yourself
L - Lead with Love
E - Embrace Empowered Action
A - Authentically Access Abundance
R - Reenergize Your Purpose
The best way to achieve this kind of life is to tap into and uncover ‘success energies’ currently lying dormant within your very own DNA! 99% of people never do the internal and ancestral healing work that unleashes the storm-gates of success that cry out from within their own cells! 
About C.L.E.A.R. DNA
Clearing “I’m not enough”

Learn to make quick, confident decisions and experience more productivity.

Clearing Control Freak

Own your voice and experience gratitude to love life again.
Productive Procrastination…

...who’s kidding who?
Releasing Anxiety, Worry, and Overwhelm 
Both anxiety and overwhelm are blocks, to pretty much everything, it prevents us from taking  action in all areas of life. We release it today. 

Improve Communication

Build better, more functional and fulfilling relationships with better communication at work and home.

Attract Dream Opportunities

And have the confidence to seize them to change your life, outlook and confidence.
Create a Morning Routine

That allows you to feel connected and empowered each day.
Positive Business Growth

Conquer limiting beliefs, inherited money beliefs so that you can increase your money flow and business growth.

  • Receive Six Private Healing Sessions - Release your inherited patterns to awaken your full potential! Each month you’ll receive an in-depth personalized, private healing session with a generational healer, certified in the Soul Awakening Method. 
  • Join ​Live Clearings and Activations with Lisa Thomas - Activate empowered energies to propel you forward! Join monthly live 60-90 minute virtual zoom gathering. Clear inherited negative energy and life traumas that are holding you back from achieving infinite abundance in your life. 
  • ​Easy Access to Convenient Replays: Access each month’s Clearing and Activation recording on your own time. 
  • ​On-Demand Healing Audio Activations - 12 individual healing recordings that will support you throughout the month. Simply turn one on to upgrade areas of your life including your relationships, releasing weight, boosting self confidence, activating money flow, and increasing joy on a daily basis. Your physical body needs nutritious and wholesome food every single day and so does your soul!


  • BONUS Healing Vault - 20 Hours of Bonus Healing Activations. 
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C.L.E.A.R. DNA Pricing: $297 per month 

This is a monthly recurring payment of $297, with an initial commitment of 6 months.


Value Over $1700!

Paying in full today, allows you instant access to a year’s worth of Healing Activations immediately. Offering you the opportunity to access healing activations on your own time, even while sleeping.

Imagine transforming inherited patterns to activates your soul’s power all within a library of topics to gain deeper soul healing and physical renewal.

Affirmations on their own, most often, do not work. When combined with healing, they are very effective. They re-train the brain to allow lasting change. I’m excited for you to have access to library of affirmations that I’ve written just for you to support you in your journey of transformation. 

These healing activations will guide you to allow positive change to last. It stops the perpetual ‘Groundhog Day’ and the never ending cycle of life being on repeat. You’ll think differently. You’ll move through challenges with greater ease. You’ll embrace change with confidence.

Work on what is blocking you NOW when needed most. 
Dive in and begin transformation... 

  • Releasing Anxiety, Worry, and Overwhelm -  These are daily experiences you do not have to live with. They prevent us from taking action in all areas of life. Begin to release it today.
  • Fears - Clearing the Fear that’s Holding You Back - In this Healing Activation your body will release vibrational frequencies of mistrust, fear, terror and many more to allow ease of decision making and confidence to take action in your life.  
  • Clearing Indecisiveness and the Pattern of Second Guessing Yourself - By releasing self judgement and the fear of not being accepted by others, it allows you to feel safer being vulnerable, which gives you the confidence to make decisive, empowered decisions in your personal life and career. 
  • Clearing the Pattern of Comfort Eating - There are many reasons why we eat for comfort - lack of love, isolation, boredom, procrastination and it never serves your highest good. When your body releases the inherited addiction to comfort eating, it increases your trust, purpose and productivity.  
  • Healing a Negative Mindset - We all get tripped up with negative self talk at some point or another, maybe within the same day. Clearing a negative mindset is a game-changer in your life and affirmations alone won’t work. By re-training the brain by teaching it what a negative thought pattern is it will allow you to think more positively on a daily basis. This Healing Activation will help release obsessive patterns where you are trying to write stories from the past, where you wished you had said it differently. 

12 Healing Activations Are Yours When You Pay In Full 

Sylvia Barone
"Since working with Lisa in CLEAR DNA I have experienced a level of freedom from fear and worry, that is allowing me to set boundaries, trust my inner voice and move confidently towards my calling. She wholeheartedly serves those she works with and I’m so thankful to have found my tribe in CLEAR DNA."
~ Sylvia Barone, Entreprenuer
"I love working with Lisa Thomas because she helped me become...ME! That person I always had inside of me and those things that I wanted and those dreams that I had...working with her has put them in reality. I’m able to know myself, love myself and live the life I always wanted to live NOW and not 20, 30 or 40 years from now. I trust her with my feelings."

- Lisa Weber
"Lisa is an incredible soul, who has impacted mine and many other lives. I am so grateful for the Clear DNA program; life is positively different in many ways, including how I approach life now. 

I never realized the reason why I was not thriving in my business and health was because I had so many false perceptions and inherited patterns about myself that were not letting me move forward. Clear DNA removed this and now I believe in myself, which has resulted in attracting all the amazing opportunities I have desired. I am forever grateful."

- Sabrina Vega, Energy & Sound Healer
Sabrina Vega
"I had blocks in terms of growth and uncertainty. Since working with Lisa, my business has expanded, my knowledge has expanded, and it's really helped me flourish… not only in my business but also my personal life."

- LIZ PAPAGNI - Marketing Initiative Worx

What is “CLEAR?”

I want to help set you free from stress and finally exude joy...and make it STICK FOR GOOD! That’s why I developed the CLEAR Method - an on-going program designed to bring lifelong transformation. CLEAR means...
  • Finances and build wealth?
  • Body, lose weight and get fit?
  • Career or business and shoot to the top of your game?
  • Sex life and end finally find Mr. or Ms. ‘Right?’
  • Soul and emotions and gain healing from past experienced or inherited trauma?
The way to achieve all of these worthy goals is the same - get in community with those who are winning in that area and start reading and listening to content conducive with the change you want to see. 

…change your playground and change your playmates with the...
Do you feel…
  • Stuck in unhappiness and wish you knew now to ‘fix yourself’
  • Trapped in a financial rat-race and want to figure out how to break the emotional cycle that keep you chasing your tail
  • Stressed out, freaked out, spazzed out all the time and wish you could find the “OFF” button to finally be able to relax, experience peace and joy
  • Terror starts pouring over you every Sunday evening as you realize the next day is...MONDAY
  • Like a broken record, repeating the same destructive habits, thoughts and patterns you KNOW you should have dropped years ago
  • Like Rubberband-Man - stretching yourself into who you really want to be just to snap back into your old patterns when met with resistance
  • Held hostage in dysfunctional relationships and wish you knew how to break free and/or radically transform the dynamics to a healthy place
So often we are bogged down by the day to day, stuck in the same habits and feeling the same things. Honestly, most people NEVER break free. Perhaps you know you aren't where you want to be and that something better is just waiting for you to make one SHIFT to ‘fall in’ to your destiny.

You aren’t alone! In fact, half of all adults say they experienced a major stressful event in the past year. That works out to more than 115 million people in the last 12 months alone!.
Stress, frustration, fear, sadness and disappointment affects your mind, your body, your relationships with others and your happiness. But the brokenness doesn’t stop there.

Mental and emotional stress leads to  physical illness, including respiratory, digestive, cognitive and a host of other physiological problems.

These negative emotional forces also destroy relationships, careers, finances and steal dreams away forever.

It’s time for you to break free for good and finally experience a clear awakening to live your best life for the rest of your life.

Because We All Need Daily Soul Food to Maintain Daily Soul Happiness

After years of delivering healing and coaching thousands of clients, one of the primary roadblocks to on-going and lasting success is the lack of support system they have and all the ‘life-suckers’ their lives are filled with.

Dysfunctional you’re stuck with...bad friends...bosses who abuse their power...crazy neighbors and more hurt you constantly. Their dysfunction just retears the soul wounds that have been healing so well.

Another factor leading to clients reverting back into their own destructive patterns is they stopped consuming the transformational ‘soul-food’ I was feeding them and went back to the junk-food that got them STUCK in the first place!

I’ve seen far too many amazing clients of mine, who’ve made incredible transformations to become the purpose-filled individuals they always wanted to be, slip back into old, destructive patterns because failed to change their negative community and negative consumption.

“Change Your Playground, Change Your Playmates”

We hear that axiom all the time and it’s true in ALL areas of our lives, isn’t it?
That’s why I’m inviting you to the…

Areas We’ll Activate and Support:
  • Allowing love into your life
  • Eating and wellness
  • Releasing the weight that doesn’t serve you
  • Releasing anxiety
  • Attracting money
  • Procrastinating success
  • Clearing the path to business success
  • Connecting to your intuition 
  • Clearing the fear of change
  • Uncluttering your soul
  • Releasing family drama
  • Releasing blocks preventing positive relationships

Enroll in the C.L.E.A.R. DNA Program

Here’s some of the ways you’ll grow month-after-month as a Founding Member of this tribe:

There’s Something You Should Know…
So, this program is NOT for you if…
  • You are comfortable in your old story
  • ​You are resistant to change, help or suggestions from others
  • ​You are addicted to inner and outer conflict
  • if you truly want to experience life transformation, increase happiness and have a fulfilling life you love,
  • ​if you are ready to invite new people into your life who are on the same soul journey, who are ready to experience purpose-filled living,
  • ​if you want to experience your full potential by living your life purpose, 
...then this program is perfect for you!
About Lisa
Lisa Thomas, creator of the acclaimed Soul Awakening Method™, is a leader in the transformation space and has helped thousands shift their lives by tapping into their Epigenetics and healing the wounds of the past that held them back from the lives they wanted.

She is an advocate for a powerful new future and is doing her part to help us reach it by helping her worldwide audience release the DNA coding that has passed down deep-seated fears and anxiety that have stopped them from creating the health, wealth, and relationships they crave.

Lisa is a personal consultant to many six-figure and multi-six-figure business owners, working with them to break free from the shackles of their inherited beliefs, allowing them to unleash their true capabilities, and have the global impact they know they are capable of.

Author of the enlightening book "Mistakes Into Money," Lisa's influence is recognized globally in the media: She has been featured in USA Today and on Good Morning LaLa Land, amongst others, as well as many podcasts and stages around the world.

Read How Lisa's Work Has Impacted Businesses & Lives

"I am beyond grateful to Lisa. My life has changed since I began CLEAR DNA. When my monthly private sessions began, I manifested my dream to live in a new country, where I'm now free to live my life. I previously tried everything before CLEAR DNA and nothing was moving me forward to the point of me wanting to give up on life. 

I am now so happy, joyful, and LOVING my life with clarity and increased awareness in all areas. Lisa is gifted and CLEAR DNA is a powerful platform for healing."
Annapurna Sharma
~ Annapurna Sharma
"I love working with Lisa Thomas because she helped me become...ME! That person I always had inside of me and those things that I wanted and those dreams that I had...working with her has put them in reality. 

I’m able to know myself, love myself and live the life I always wanted to live NOW and not 20, 30 or 40 years from now. I trust her with my feelings."
Lisa Weber
~ Lisa Weber, LAc 
"Working with Lisa Thomas has impacted my life on many different levels. She released a ‘23rd great grandmother that had been locked up in a dungeon by the king and starved to death’ and was giving me a stomach issue. And she cleared something in me that came when I was age 3, where I felt inadequate all my life. So it’s made me calmer when I’m around other people. And she has cleared things that has affected my business. 

She has changed me physically, emotionally and financially."
P.K. Odle
~ P.K. Odle
Feng Shui Master

Get unstuck and move gracefully towards joy, peace and abundance. 
See Yourself in the Future
Take a moment and imagine how far you could go, the relationships you could forge, the career success and financial freedom you could attract without the negative self-talk and sabotaging patterns you’re stuck with.

Can you see yourself…

  • Setting and reaching goals without all the emotional blockages that sabotage your success…
  • Attracting more positive relationships with strategic partners, business team members, co-workers, suppliers, and more who give you favor because there’s just something special about you…
  • Making more money and getting better results and having more fun doing it, totally free from stress and doubt...
...all because we finally helped you awaken the ‘success energies’ that have been lying dormant in your DNA all your life. This will release more joy, peace and love lying underneath all the years of inherited and experienced trauma and pain!

Pinch’s’re feel alive. You feel whole, you make more money, you have great, life-giving friends and you’ve put the life-suckers in their place. You’ve got self confidence, respect and deep love.

Everybody around you sees a new you and they love it. They want some of that for themselves.

This is the future YOU!!! Embrace her/him today.
©2023 Lisa Thomas- All rights reserved.